Cleaning kit 3 in 1 K&F Concept

Model: Concept 3 in 1 Cleaning Kit
Lens Air Blower
Lens Cleaning Pen
Safely cleans all lenses
Microfiber lens cleaning cloth


K&F Concept Lens Dust Blower, Multifunctional Cleaning Pen, Microfiber Lens Cleaning Cloth. Dust-free air blower is made of rubber, comfortable for the skin and holding, which directs powerful streams of air to blow away debris, and the tip is soft to avoid accidental surface scratching. The cleaning pen brush part can cleaning dust in the camera and lens, and the carbon part easily cleaning fingerprint, oil, harmless for equipment coating. Microfiber cleaning cloths made of high-quality tightly woven microfiber material, removes dust, oil, smudges, fingerprints, and dirt. Manufactured by a professional team for photography enthusiasts to provide a very exciting experience, effective, durable and long lasting.