Wireless Flash Controller YN622C-TX E-TTL Yongnuo

  • The distance is 100m with 7 channels
  • The Max Sync Speed reaches 1/8000S
  • Can support TTL Ratio
  • USB Firmware Upgrade
  • AF Assist Beam Emitter
  • It has 3Groups (A/B/C) and Sync mode
  • 1st-curtain, 2nd-curtain, High-Speed Sync(HSS)
  • Flash mode: GR(E-TTL(II), manual
  • Super Sync)/E-TTL(II)/Multi flash
  • Weight 82g and shutter release interface
  • 2.5MM Shutter release interface




The YN-622C-TX utilizes an LCD screen to display settings and allow users to make adjustments. On the device is also an AF assist beam to help in low-light conditions. Multiple sync modes are available for more specific needs or effects, including 1st and 2nd curtain sync. A high speed sync mode will help in bright lighting conditions and for stopping motion with a maximum speed of 1/8000 second. A built-in mini-USB port enables firmware updates to be installed, and the device runs on 2 AA batteries.