Viltrox Cleaning Kit

  • Lens Cleaning Kit
  • Professional Blowing
  • Cleaning Fluid
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Dimension 240 x 155 x 70 mm



All around cleaner it is extracted from the natural plant in form of has such functions as fast decontamination, sterilization and electrostatic prevention .it can create a safer and more friendly environment. Clean air blower Made of imported high-quality rubber, the product, being soft and elastic, is anti-aging and not likely to degum. The exit air hole applies such a special design that it will generate adequate wind power upon a slight pinch. it is small and handy for carrying. The innovative design of the single-way metal valve can ensure a quick air return and it can also prevent dust from being absorbed into the air chamber which will be blown back to the product, causing a secondary pollution. Clean cloth nano Made from nano-fiber, super-absorbent, clean without water track, no prejudice to the polished surface, its water absorption, drying, and durability are five times than ordinary fiber! have this product cleaned with water after used for the next user. Double-faced flannel Made of high-quality reversible flannel, the product feels smooth and soft and it has a strong power to absorb water and eradicate it can quickly wipe off the stains fingerprints on the surface of a product without leaving any trace of scratch or mark. it can be applied to the cleaning of LCD screens, cameras, and the order precision instruments. Double-headed lens-cleaning pen the cleaning pen contains non-liquid carbon powder cleaning mixture which will not get leaking or dried. The lens-cleaner is so exquisite that it can be safely applied on all optical lenses (including multi-coated lens). its high quality and a flexible brush are handy for carrying. (please do not apply it on UV mirror).