Ulanzi VL119 RGB Handheld Light

Continuous Working Time: 70min at full power
Charging Time: About 2 hours
Battery Capacity: 2000mAh
Lighting Angle: 120°
Rich Colors for Better Shots



Looking for a handheld light that offers rich colors and versatile shooting options? Check out the Ulanzi VL119 RGB Handheld Light! This unit comes with a 360° full-color gamut and 20 dynamic light effects, so you can create various atmospheres to fit your needs. Whether you’re shooting product photography or artistic light painting, this light is sure to give your shots an extra pop of color. And with the built-in lithium battery, you can use it for up to 70 minutes at maximum brightness. Plus, the bottom is equipped with a 1/4” screw port, so you can easily connect it to a tripod or light stand.