Simpex 1000w Gold Bulb

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Simpex 1000 watt professional halogen video light 1000 watt Simpex Lamp/tube. The halogen light is the most prevalent light source used in video production. This type of bulb burns hot and bright and comes in high wattages. This lamp provides an intense, steady, white light for indoor shooting. The halogen lamp also has a long burn life, which makes it economical. The disadvantages of the halogen lamp are its intense heat and high power consumption. When using a light with a halogen lamp, you have to build in time for the light to cool down before you put it away. Whatever you do, do not touch the light while it is on. It will be very hot. Specification ; MAX TUBE: 1000W TWO PIN PLUG AC POWER 220/240VAC CAN BE MOUNTED ON STAND andamp; USED WITH WHITE UMBRELLA