Tripod MKBFR1A4D-BH BeFree One Aluminium Travel Manfrotto

Item Weight1350 Grams
Weight Limit2.5 Kilograms
Maximum Height130 Centimetres



Borrowing technology and design from its larger sibling, the gray BeFree One from Manfrotto is a sturdy, ultra-compact aluminum tripod for your mirrorless camera, point & shoot, and lightweight DSLR. The tripod features a maximum height of 51.2″, supports up to 5.5 lb, and folds up to only 12.6″. Each of the tripod’s legs can be spread independently, allowing the tripod to be used on uneven terrain or lowered close to the ground for macro shots, dramatic landscapes, and creative portraits. The legs invert to fold up and around the ball head, a feature that helps makes this tripod so compact.