LENSGO LWM-328C Wireless Lavalier Microphone

This appears to be a description of a wireless microphone, specifically a Lenzgo UHF wireless microphone. Here are some recommended uses for this product:

1. Video Recording: Use the microphone to capture high-quality audio for your video recordings, whether you’re creating content for YouTube, film, or television.
2. peech: The microphone is suitable for presentations, lectures, conferences, and other events where clear and crisp audio is essential.

Key features of this product:

UHF Connectivity Technology: The microphone uses UHF (Ultra High Frequency) technology for reliable and interference-free transmission.
3.5 mm Jack: The microphone connects to your device via a standard 3.5 mm audio jack.
Volume Control: Adjust the volume to your liking using the built-in volume control feature.
Compatible Devices: This microphone is compatible with a range of devices, including laptops, camcorders, personal computers, cameras, and smartphones.
Color: The microphone comes in a sleek black color.
Included Components: The package includes the microphone itself.
Polar Pattern: The microphone has an omnidirectional polar pattern, which captures sound from all directions, making it suitable for recording in various environments.
Item Weight: The microphone weighs approximately 0.46 kilograms (1 pound).



Key Features:

* TF Card Sync Recording: allows for simultaneous recording on both the transmitter and receiver, ensuring that audio is not lost during real-time shooting.
* Wide Compatibility: compatible with various devices such as Nikon, Canon, Sony DSLR cameras, camcorders, smartphones, tablets, and more.
* 99 UHF Selectable Channels: provides crystal-clear, distortion-free audio and adjustable RF signal strength or auto-scanning for quick channel selection.
* Low Cut Filtering Mode and Manual/Auto Sync: offers additional features for fine-tuning audio quality.
* Long-Range Operation: up to 500 ft (150m) in open areas, with a best receiving range of 246 ft (75m).
* Long Battery Life: powered by two “AA” batteries (not included) for up to 5 hours of operation.


* High-quality audio recording and transmission
* Wide compatibility with various devices
* Easy channel selection and syncing
* Long-range operation
* Long battery life
* 30-day return guarantee and 2-year warranty
* Lifetime customer service

Overall, this wireless lavalier microphone system appears to be a reliable and versatile solution for recording high-quality audio in various settings, including video production, live events, and podcasting.