LENSGO D800 SD Dustproof XQD CF Card Case Anti-pressure Battery Box for DSLR Camera Features: A storage case for both memory card and battery for DSLR camera Anti-pressure, dustproof, precise card slot, good partner for photographer Compatible for Canon LP-E6 or for Nikon EN-EL15 battery Model: A: for XQD Card Storage B: for CF Card Storage C: for 2 x SD Card Storage



Multi-function Case:This small size battery case can be used as memory card is a multi-function case. Light Weight:Made of ABS Plastic,let this light weight battery card holder durable and easily carrying. Lager Compatibility:The case size is 64*56*34mm,you can put all the battery or similar size products into it. Water-resistance:It can prevent the rain water or dust into the case. There are three type you can choose:Type A:1 Battery Slot+1CF,Type B:1 Battery Slot+1XQD, Type C :1 Battery Slot+2SD. Description: Our easily carrying Battery Case is a multi-function case not only a camera battery but also a memory card case,we have three type of this size battery holder,the first one is A type:1 Battery Slot+1CF,the second one is B type:1 Battery Slot+1XQD,C type:1 Battery Slot+2SD.You can choose the type you need.You must want to find a cute case provide your lovely battery and memory card with a best protection and make them easy to find.when you take it out side or hiking,it also can prevent the rain water or dust into the case.You will be like this cute and fashionable light weight case