KF09.138 Camera Monopod

K&F Concept 63” Camera Monopod 5-Section Height Aluminum Monopod With Metal And Rubber Feet 2-in-1 Design,Lightweight & Portable Camera Accessories



  • * Adjustable and Versatile: With a maximum height of 63″ and a weight capacity of 10kg/22lbs,the 5-section leg design allows for flexible extension to adapt to various terrains and shooting needs, ensuring adaptability in any scenario.
  • * Compact and Portable: With a storage length of only 43cm, its small design makes it easy to carry and minimizes space occupation. Featuring anti-slip padding and a wrist strap, it ensures a firm hold in various weather conditions.
  • * Dual-Purpose Foot Design: The 2-in-1 metal and rubber foot spikes prevent floor scratches and enhance overall stability. The rubber feet provide stability on hard surfaces, while the metal spikes ensure a secure grip on soft or muddy ground.
  • * Quick and Secure Locking Mechanism: The plate lock design allows for rapid and simple height adjustments, ensuring quick stabilization even in complex environments.
  • * Dual Interface Compatibility: Equipped with 1/4″ and 3/8″ interfaces, it allows for easy installation of cameras, gimbals, and other devices, providing added convenience for