K&F Concept 82mm ND1000 Filter

Filter Type: Variable Neutral Density (VND) filter

Exposure Reduction: 1.5 to 10 stops

Filter Size: 82 mm rear filter thread

Rotating: Yes, the filter can be rotated for creative control over the effect

Front Accessory Thread/Bayonet: 82 mm

Coatings: Multi-coating for improved light transmission and reduced flare

Filter Thickness: 0.3 inches (7.4 mm)

Filter Material: Glass

Packaging Info:

Package Weight: 0.255 pounds
Box Dimensions (LxWxH):** 4.8 x 4.4 x 0.8 inches


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key features:

1. 360° Rotation: The 82mm ND1000 filter from K&F Concept can rotate 360°, giving you complete control over the amount of light reduction. This is useful for fine-tuning your exposure and achieving the desired effect in your photos.
2. 1.5 to 10 stops of light reduction: The filter can reduce light by anywhere from 1.5 to 10 stops, providing a wide range of possibilities for creative control.
3. Japanese AGC optical glass: The filter is made with high-quality Japanese AGC (Advanced Glass Coating) optical glass, which ensures excellent optical clarity and minimal distortion.
4. 24 layers of multicoating: The filter has 24 layers of multicoating, which helps to reduce glare, reflections, and ghosting, while also increasing the overall sharpness and contrast of your images.
5. Waterproof and scratch-resistant: The filter is designed to be waterproof and scratch-resistant, making it a great choice for outdoor use or in harsh environments.
6. Thin frame: The filter frame is only 7.4mm thick, which is relatively thin and lightweight, making it easy to handle and mount on your lens.

Overall, the K&F Concept 82mm ND1000 Filter seems like a high-quality option for photographers looking for a versatile and reliable neutral density filter.