K&F Concept KF13.128V4 Camera Backpack

Magic Bin Design: The backpack can be adjusted to accommodate different camera equipment needs, with a 5:5 and 2:8 space configuration.

Stability: The internal support fiber reinforcement bars provide added stability to prevent crushing of equipment.

Capacity Expansion: The backpack has a front width expansion and a built-in independent stabilizer compartment, allowing for an increase in capacity of up to 2-3L.

Access: The backpack features a dual-compartment design with top and side openings, providing quick access to your gear.

Safety: The backpack has a suspended 16-inch independent computer compartment that protects your computer from direct impact when putting it in and out of the bag.

The key benefits of this backpack are:

  • Versatility in accommodating different camera equipment needs
  • Added stability and protection for gear
  • Increased capacity and flexibility
  • Easy access to gear through multiple openings
  • Protection for your computer from impact


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