K&F Concept KF13.087AV1 Camera Backpack

Here is the specification of the bag:

Bag Compartment:

Camera Support Strap: Yes
Camera Compartment: 1
Lens Compartment: 4

Laptop Compartment:**

Screen Size: 15.6 inch

Bag Exterior:**

Exterior Color: Orange
Exterior Dimensions: 30cm x 18cm x 44cm
Exterior Material: Polyester
Type of Closure: Buckle

Rain Cover: Yes

Bag Interior:

Maximum Volume: 20L
Weight: 1.7kg


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This is a product description for a photography bag that offers a unique blend of functionality, protection, and style. Here’s a breakdown of the key features:


Modern and functional design with exclusive color matching options
Suitable for indoor or outdoor photography, wildlife or urban settings
Perfect for camera enthusiasts, men and women alike


Large capacity: 20L (17.32 x 11.81 x 6.69 inches)
Main compartment holds:
+ 1 camera
+ 4 lenses
+ Tripod
+ Other photography accessories
+ DJI Mavic Drone (Mavic 2/Air/Pro) storage
Upper compartment for storing personal items (e.g., clothes, wallet, cell phone, flash drive)Laptop compartment for up to 15.6-inch laptops


Quick side access for easy gear retrieval
Professional back fully opens for effortless organization and protection of equipment
Two auxiliary straps for organizing gear


All stitching uses cutting-edge reinforcement technology
Made of durable, waterproof high-density nylon
Heavy reinforcement stitching and anti-theft zippers
EPE foam padded layer provides shock absorption and protection


Padded shoulder strap and ergonomic back panel for comfort and support
Adjustable chest belt for optimal weight distribution and easy access

Overall, this photography bag appears to offer a great balance of functionality, protection, and comfort, making it suitable for photographers who value both form and function.