K&F Concept 58mm Nano-X 1/4 Black Diffusion Black Mist Camera Lens Filter

key features mentioned:

1. Model: The model number is KF01.1519 and the lens size is 58mm.
2. Image Softening: This filter softens the image and reduces contrast, creating a dreamy or ethereal effect.
3. High Transmittance: The filter has high transmittance, meaning it allows a significant amount of light to pass through while still providing the desired effect.
4. Multi-Coated: The filter has multiple layers of coating to reduce glare, reflections, and other unwanted effects.
5. Side Knurling: The filter has knurled sides, which makes it easy to grip and handle.
6. Slim Aluminum Frame: The filter has a slim aluminum frame that is durable and lightweight.

Overall, this filter appears to be designed for photographers who want to add a creative effect to their images, such as a dreamy or artistic look.


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The K&F Concept 58mm Nano-X 1/4 Black Diffusion Black Mist Camera Lens Filter is a photography filter designed to add a dreamy, hazy effect to images. Here are the key features and benefits of this filter:

Key Features:

* 1/4 intensity black mist design that lowers skin tones in portraiture and provides a halo effect around lights
* High transmittance while minimizing exposure impact
* Made of robust aluminum with a thin shape that won’t interfere with wide-angle lenses
* Multi-coating for clarity and scratch resistance
* Knurling on the side for easy attachment and removal


* Enhances the dreamlike quality of images
* Smooths out skin tones and wrinkles, reducing the appearance of pores
* Adds a warm, hazy film effect to images
* Does not affect skin tone values, allowing for natural-looking portraits
* Effective at reducing reflections from the ground and the filter itself
* High light transmission of 84%

Overall, the K&F Concept 58mm Nano-X 1/4 Black Diffusion Black Mist Filter is a useful tool for photographers looking to add a unique aesthetic to their images. It’s particularly suitable for portrait photography, as it can help create a soft, romantic look while still maintaining natural-looking skin tones.