K&F 77mm CPL Filter KF01.1441

Key Features:

1. Circular Polarizing Filter (CPL): Enhances color and contrast, reduces glare, and increases saturation.
2. Polarization: Reduces reflected light, making it ideal for shooting through reflective surfaces like glass, water, or ice.
3. Adjustable: Rotate the filter to control the strength of the effect.
4. High-quality glass: Made from Japanese optical glass for excellent optical quality.
5. 28-layer dual-sided coatings: Waterproof, scratch-resistant, and oil-proof for durability.
6. Aluminum alloy frame: Lightweight and robust.

What’s in the box:

1. 1 x K&F 77mm Circular Polarizer Filter CPL
2. 1 x Plastic carrying case

This filter is designed to help photographers reduce glare, increase contrast and saturation, and capture more vivid colors when shooting through reflective surfaces. The adjustable rotation feature allows for precise control over the effect, making it suitable for a wide range of photography applications.

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Introducing the K&F Concept C-Series CPL Filter

Enhance your photos with vibrant colors and reduced glare using our circular polarizing filter. This essential tool is a must-have for any photographer who wants to capture stunning images.

What is a Circular Polarizing Filter?

A circular polarizing filter reduces glare and reflections on shiny surfaces, increases saturation, and improves contrast. By blocking certain wavelengths of light, it can make blue skies appear darker and white clouds pop out more. This filter can be rotated to adjust the polarization effect, making it perfect for landscape photography.

Why Photographers Love It

The versatility of a circular polarizing filter is unmatched. It can remove reflections from surfaces like water, glass, paint, leaves, sky, buildings, and streets. By cutting through glare and reflections, your images will have more color, saturation, and better contrast. You can choose whether to capture the reflection of clouds on a lake surface or shoot through the surface to see into the water.

K&F Concept Quality

Our C-Series CPL filter is precision-engineered with Japanese optical glass and 28-layer nano-coating technology. The anti-reflection coating reduces internal reflection problems like flares and ghosting, increasing light transmittance and achieving high-definition picture quality. The filter is also waterproof and has high scratch resistance.

How to Use It

Before ordering, verify your camera’s lens thread size. Once you’ve matched the correct CPL filter to your lens diameter, simply screw it onto the front of your lens. The front ring rotates, allowing you to adjust the polarization effect. Look through your viewfinder or eyepiece to see the effect change as you rotate the filter.

When to Use It

A circular polarizing filter is particularly effective in situations with glare or reflections, such as near water or when shooting through windows or transparent surfaces. It’s also great for darkening bright blue skies and making white clouds stand out more in landscapes.


Optical filters are essential for controlling light quality in your photos. A high-quality filter set like our K&F Concept C-Series CPL can make your photos look more vibrant and dynamic. With its adjustable polarization effect, you have more flexibility and creativity when composing your shots. Get ready to capture more striking and impressive photos with our circular polarizing filter!