K&F 58mm Variable ND2-ND400 Filter KF01.1401

Here is a summary of the main features and what’s in the box for the K&F Concept 58mm Slim Variable ND Filter:

**Main Features:**

* Variable neutral density filter with adjustable light reduction from 1 to 8 f-stops
* Allows for:
+ Extended exposure times
+ Shallow depth of field
* Ultra slim and lightweight frame design
* High-quality metallic frame construction with smooth action
* Japanese high-precision optical glass with double-sided polishing
* Multi-layer coating for:
+ Reduced reflection
+ Anti-glare properties
+ Higher transmittance
* Double-sided coatings are waterproof and scratch-resistant

**What’s in the Box:**

* 1 x K&F 58mm Slim Variable ND Filter (ND2-400)
* 1 x Plastic carrying case for protecting the filter against scratches and dust when transported


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The K&F Variable ND Filter is a versatile tool that allows photographers to control the amount of light entering their lens and sensor, giving them more creative freedom. Here are the key points summarized:


1. **Exposure control:** The filter can reduce the amount of light entering the lens by up to 8 f-stops, allowing for extended exposure times, motion blur, and shallow depth of field.
2. **Motion blur:** Slow shutter speeds can create a motion blur effect, perfect for capturing dynamic scenes with moving elements.
3. **Shallow depth of field:** By reducing the amount of light entering the sensor, photographers can open up their aperture to achieve a shallow depth of field, isolating their subject and creating a soft background blur.
4. **Aperture control:** The filter allows photographers to control aperture like an aperture ring, making it ideal for videographers who need precise control over exposure.
5. **Streamlined gear:** The filter eliminates the need to carry multiple ND filters and allows photographers to swap between different densities easily.


* Ultra-slim frame design made from high-quality aircraft aluminum
* Smooth action for intuitive light reduction control
* Double-threaded frame for combining with other filters
* High-precision Japanese optical glass with double-sided polishing process
* Double-sided multilayer coating with 18 layers for anti-reflection, ghosting, and water resistance

**How to use:**

1. Screw the filter onto your lens
2. Rotate the outer frame to adjust the amount of light entering the lens (1-8 f-stops)
3. Use the textured surface for extra grip
4. Be careful not to rotate the filter beyond its maximum range, which could produce a cross effect

The K&F Variable ND Filter is a versatile and affordable tool that can help photographers achieve a range of creative effects, from motion blur to shallow depth of field. Its unique design and features make it an excellent choice for photographers who want to streamline their gear and gain more control over their exposure.