K&F 55mm UV Slim Filter KF01.1423

Here are the key features of the K&F Concept 52mm UV Filter:

**1. Multi-Layer Coating**: Prevents fogging to ensure clear image quality.

**2. Blue Coat**: Provides high transmittance (allows more light to pass through) and low reflectivity (reduces glare and ghosting).

**3. Japanese Glass**: High-quality glass ensures excellent optical performance.

**4. Slim Profile**: Minimizes impact on image quality and reduces vignetting.

**5. Reduces Haze and Filters Out UV Light**: Enhances picture quality by reducing haze and filtering out ultraviolet light, which can cause a bluish color cast and haze in images.

These features combine to provide a high-quality UV filter that protects your lens, improves image quality, and enhances your photography experience.


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Here is a summary of the description:

**Function 1: Protection**

* A UV filter protects the front element of the lens from:
+ Fingerprints and oils
+ Dirt, dust, and mud
+ Accidental scratches
+ Chips and scratches

**Function 2: Image Quality Enhancement**

* The UV filter filters out UV (ultraviolet) light, which can cause:
+ Bluish color cast in images
+ Haze in images
* By filtering out UV light, the filter can:
+ Reduce haze in images
+ Improve contrast for a clearer picture


* Made from Japanese glass
* Multi-coated to prevent fogging and improve performance
* Blue coat provides high transmittance and low reflectivity
* Slim profile to minimize impact on image quality and reduce vignetting
* Compatible with all 55mm threaded lenses

**Importance of High-Quality Filters**

* Attaches in front of the lens, so only high-quality products should be used to ensure optimal image quality.
* This UV filter is made from Japanese glass and multi-coated for improved performance.