K&F 49mm Black Mist Diffusion 1/4 Nano-X Series


* Ultra slim frame that protrudes only 3 mm, reducing vignetting and dark corners
* Double-threaded for easy stacking with other filters
* High-quality aircraft aluminum frame construction
* Japanese high-precision optical glass with double-sided polishing
* Multi-layer coating for improved light transmission and reduced reflections
* Double-sided coatings are waterproof, scratch-resistant, and oil-resistant

What’s in the box:

1. K&F 49mm Black Diffusion Filter 1/4 Nano-X Series
2. Hard carrying case to protect the filter from scratches when carried in a camera bag

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The K&F Concept 1/4 Black Diffusion Filter is a high-quality, professional-grade filter designed to give your photos a softer, more vintage filmic look. The filter is made of high-precision Japanese optical glass and features a double-sided polishing process to ensure high-definition image quality up to 8k.

The filter has a subtle effect, softening the image and reducing harshness, while also blooming light sources for a dreamy glow. This creates a unique and stylized look that is particularly well-suited for fashion, beauty, and narrative storytelling photography.

The filter comes in four strengths: 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, and 1, with the 1/4 being the most popular choice for its subtle yet noticeable effect. The 1/8 version provides a more subtle effect, while the 1/2 and 1 versions create a stronger, more dramatic effect.

The filter’s frame is made of durable aircraft aluminum and features a double-threaded design for easy attachment and combination with other filters. The frame is also ultra-thin at only 3.3mm, avoiding vignetting and dark corners.

The filter undergoes a double-sided multilayer coating process with 28 layers applied to the lens, including an anti-reflection coating to reduce internal reflection problems. This process increases the effective light transmittance through the filter and makes it scratch-resistant.

The K&F Concept 1/4 Black Diffusion Filter is compatible with all 49mm lenses and comes with a carrying case to keep it safe and scratch-free. Overall, this filter is an excellent choice for photographers looking to add a touch of filmic nostalgia to their work.