K&F 43mm UV Filter – Classic Slim with Multi Coat | KF01.1419

The features of this UV filter are:

1. **Multi-layer coating**: This coating prevents fogging, which can occur when moisture or humidity accumulates on the surface of the filter.
2. **Blue coat**: This blue coating is designed to provide:
* **High transmittance**: Allows more light to pass through the filter, reducing loss of image quality.
* **Low reflectivity**: Minimizes glare and reflections, resulting in a clearer and more accurate image.
3. **Japanese glass**: The glass used in the filter is made in Japan, known for its high-quality optical glass.
4. **Slim profile**: The filter has a slim design, making it less noticeable when attached to the lens and minimizing dark corners when shooting at wide angles.
5. **Reduce haze and filter out UV light**: This UV filter reduces haze in images and filters out ultraviolet (UV) light, which can cause a bluish color cast and reduce image quality.

These features work together to provide a high-quality UV filter that protects your lens and enhances your images by reducing haze, improving contrast, and providing a clear and accurate view.


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The two main functions of a UV filter are:

1. **Protection**: A UV filter protects the front element of the lens from:
* Fingerprints and oils
* Dirt, dust, and mud
* Accidental scratches and chips
* Provides a physical barrier to prevent damage to the lens
2. **Optical enhancement**: A UV filter can also enhance the picture quality by:
* Filtering out UV light, which can cause a bluish color cast in images
* Reducing haze in images
* Improving contrast for a clearer picture

The specific features of this 43mm UV filter include:

* Made from Japanese glass
* Multi-coated to prevent fogging and improve performance
* Blue coat for high transmittance and low reflectivity
* Slim profile to minimize dark corners when shooting at wide angles
* Compatible with all 43mm threaded lenses