K&F 40.5mm UV Filter – Classic Slim with Multi Coat | KF01.1418

It appears that the features of this product are related to a type of glass or filter used for optical purposes, likely for use in applications such as cameras, binoculars, or other optical devices. Here’s a breakdown of the features:

1. **Multi-layer coating**: This refers to the application of multiple thin layers of materials to the surface of the glass to reduce fogging or other optical effects.
2. **Blue coat**: The blue coating is designed to provide high transmittance (i.e., allow more light to pass through) and low reflectivity (i.e., minimize glare).
3. **Japanese glass**: The glass itself is made in Japan, which implies a high-quality, precision-crafted product.
4. **Slim profile**: The product has a slim design, which may be important for applications where space is limited, such as in camera lenses or other compact optical devices.
5. **Reduce haze and filter out UV light**: These features suggest that the glass is designed to minimize haze (i.e., reduce atmospheric distortion) and block ultraviolet (UV) light, which can cause glare or other unwanted optical effects.

Overall, these features suggest that this product is designed to provide high-quality optical performance in a compact and durable package.


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The two main functions of a UV filter are:

1. **Protection**: A UV filter protects the front element of the lens from:
* Fingerprints and oils
* Dirt, dust, and mud
* Accidental scratches and chips
* Provides a physical barrier to prevent damage to the lens
2. **Optical enhancement**: A UV filter can also enhance the picture quality by:
* Filtering out UV light, which can cause a bluish color cast in images
* Reducing haze in images
* Improving contrast for a clearer picture

The specific features of this 40.5mm UV filter include:

* Made from Japanese glass
* Multi-coated to prevent fogging
* Blue coat for high transmittance and low reflectivity
* Slim profile to minimize dark corners when shooting at wide angles
* Compatible with all 40.5mm threaded lenses

It’s recommended to use high-quality products only, and this filter meets those standards with its Japanese-made glass and multi-coating.