K&F 105mm Nano-X UV Filter KF01.1901

Main Features:

1. Ultraviolet (UV) filtering for improved contrast and reduced haze and blue tints
2. Scratch protection for your lens
3. Suitable for Ultra HD 8K recordings and image capture without sacrificing quality
4. Premium HD Glass with high-density, sharp cut, and chemically enhanced optics
5. Japanese optical glass for superior quality and four times the strength
6. Multilayer Resistant Coatings (MRC) for a durable, hydrophobic, and scratch-resistant surface
7. 6% light transmission to reduce reflections and ensure true color in images
8. Slim profile frame with a thickness of only 3.3mm to prevent vignetting
9. Double-threaded design for stackable filters
10. Ergonomically machined grips for easy loosening
11. Quality twist case with rubber inserts for secure storage and travel

What’s in the Box:

1. K&F Concept 105mm Nano-X Series UV Filter
2. Quality Protection Case


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Here are the key features and benefits:

Ultraviolet Filtering: The filter blocks ultraviolet light, which can cause haze and reduce image contrast, resulting in sharper images with increased contrast.

Lens Protection: The filter serves as a protective layer for your lens’ front element, guarding against dirt, scratches, fingerprints, and accidental damage.

Image Quality: The filter is designed to minimize image degradation, ensuring that your images remain sharp and clear with true-to-life colors.

Multilayer Coatings: The filter features 28 layers of coatings, including:

1. Hydrophobic coating: Repels water and makes cleaning easier.
2. Scratch-resistant coating: Protects the filter from scratches and damage.
3. Anti-reflective coating: Reduces glare and reflections.

Light Transmission: The filter has a high transmission rate of 99.6%, allowing for effective reduction of reflections and minimizing ghosting.

Build: The filter is made from Japanese optical glass and has a slim profile (3.3mm) to reduce vignetting. The frame is machined from aircraft-grade aluminum and anodized in a satin black finish.

Double Threading: The filter is double-threaded, allowing you to stack additional filters if needed.

Case: The filter comes with a protective case that securely holds the filter in place.

Compatibility: The filter is suitable for various types of photography, including landscape, portrait, nature, wildlife, travel, and sport photography.

Resolution Compatibility: The filter is compatible with 8K ultra-high definition resolution.

Overall, the K&F 105mm Nano-X UV Filter is an excellent choice for photographers who want to improve their image quality while protecting their lenses from damage. Its advanced multilayer coatings and high transmission rate make it an excellent investment for any photographer.