K&F 67mm Variable ND2-ND400 KF01.1403

Here is a summary of the main features and what’s in the box for the K&F 67mm Slim Variable ND filter:

**Main Features:**

* Variable ND filter with 1 to 8 f-stops of light reduction, allowing for ultimate exposure control
* Enables extending exposure times or achieving shallower depth of field
* Ultra slim and lightweight frame for easy handling and storage
* High-quality metallic frame construction with smooth action
* Japanese high-precision optical glass with double-sided polishing for optimal image quality
* Multi-layer coating reduces reflection, anti-glaring, and increases transmittance
* Double-sided coatings are waterproof and scratch-resistant

**What’s in the Box:**

* 1 x K&F 67mm Slim Variable ND filter (ND2-400)
* 1 x Plastic carrying case to protect the filter from scratches and dust during transportation


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The K&F Variable ND Filter is a photography filter that allows you to control the amount of light entering your camera’s lens and sensor, giving you more creative control over your shots. Here are the key benefits and features of this filter:


1. **Additional exposure control**: The filter allows you to reduce the amount of light entering your camera, giving you more control over exposure settings.
2. **Motion blur**: By slowing down your shutter speed, you can create motion blur effects in moving subjects, such as water, clouds, or traffic.
3. **Shallow depth of field**: By opening up your aperture, you can create a shallow depth of field, isolating your subject and blurring the background.
4. **Aperture control ring**: The filter acts like an aperture ring, allowing you to adjust the amount of light entering your camera without having to adjust your camera’s aperture settings.
5. **Streamlined gear**: With one filter that can be adjusted to various densities, you can reduce the amount of gear you need to carry.


1. **1-8 f-stop variable neutral density**: The filter can reduce light by 1-8 f-stops, giving you a wide range of creative options.
2. **Aluminum alloy frame**: The frame is strong, durable, and lightweight, with a textured surface for easy handling.
3. **Japanese optical glass**: The lens is crafted from high-precision Japanese optical glass for high-definition image quality up to 8K.
4. **Multiple lens coatings**: The filter has 18 layers of coating, including anti-reflection coating to reduce ghosting and increase light transmittance.
5. **Double-sided polishing process**: The lens is treated with a double-sided polishing process for high-definition image quality.

**How to use:**

1. Screw the filter onto your lens using the threaded mount.
2. Adjust the density of the filter by rotating the outer frame clockwise or counterclockwise.
3. Note that rotating the filter beyond its maximum range may produce a cross effect or shift colors from being neutral.

Overall, the K&F Variable ND Filter is a versatile and powerful tool that can help you achieve creative effects in a variety of situations, from landscape and cityscape photography to portraits and videography.