K&F 49mm Variable ND2-ND400 KF01.1398

The features of this ND filter are:

* **Light Reduction**: Adjustable from 1 to 8 f-stops of light reduction for ultimate exposure control
* **Exposure Control**: Extend exposure times or achieve shallower depth of field
* **Frame Design**:
+ Ultra slim and lightweight frame
+ High-quality metallic frame construction with smooth action
* **Glass Quality**:
+ Japanese high-precision optical glass with double-sided polishing
* **Coatings**:
+ Multi-layer coating for reduced reflection and anti-glaring
+ Double-sided coatings are waterproof and scratch resistant
* **Additional Feature**: Includes a plastic carrying case to protect against scratches and dust when transported


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The K&F Variable ND Filter is a versatile tool that allows photographers to control the amount of light entering the lens and sensor, providing a range of creative possibilities. Here are the main features and benefits of the filter:

**Key Features:**

* Variable ND filter with adjustable density from 1 to 8 f-stops
* Machined from high-quality aircraft aluminum for durability and lightweight design
* Double-sided polishing process ensures high-definition image quality
* Double-sided multilayer coating process with 18 layers to reduce reflection and increase light transmittance
* Anti-reflection coating to reduce ghosting and flare
* Water and scratch-resistant coating on the outer layer
* Filter glass is larger than the threaded mount to reduce vignetting and ensure consistent filter effect


* Allows for extended exposure times to create motion blur effects, such as blurred water or clouds
* Enables the use of wide apertures to achieve shallow depth of field and isolate subjects
* Provides a fourth control over exposure, in addition to aperture, shutter speed, and ISO
* Can be used in bright daylight conditions without overexposure
* Streamlines gear requirements by replacing multiple ND filters with a single variable filter
* Easy to use, with a smooth rotating mechanism and intuitive calibration marks


* Landscape photography: Use to blur motion in clouds or water, or to achieve shallow depth of field in landscape scenes
* Portrait photography: Use to isolate subjects with shallow depth of field, while keeping backgrounds out of focus
* Product photography: Use to create stylized images with shallow depth of field and controlled lighting
* Video production: Use as an aperture control ring for smooth transitions between shots

**Unique Selling Points:**

* Adjustable density range from 1 to 8 f-stops
* High-quality construction and materials ensure durability and image quality
* Compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry on location shoots