Jmary KP-2294 Tripod

  • Model: KP-2294
  • Weight: 1.75kg/3.85lbs
  • Load: 3kg/6.6lbs
  • Folded Height: 60cm
  • 26mm 4-Section Aluminum Legs



Jmary KP-2294 Professional Over Head Camera Tripod

The Jmary KP-2294 camera tripod has a strong and foldable body and is made by the Jmary brand, which is known for its outstanding build quality. Having a solid and resistant tripod may assist you a lot and make your job simpler, regardless of the type of photography, portrait photography, industrial photography, nature photography, etc. Jmary KP-2294 camera tripod is the ideal alternative for you because of its robustness and low pricing. This tripod is constructed of aluminum, which is lightweight and easy to transport. The tripod’s lowest section is made of anti-slip rubber. This tripod has a maximum height of 179 cm and a minimum height of 60 cm. When folded, this camera tripod measures only 57.5cm. Gimari camera tripod can rotate 360 degrees and features a grip that makes spinning easy for the user. Jmery tripod is suited for outdoor photography and may be used to support users’ mobile phones.