Godox X3 S Wireless Flash Trigger for Sony

Here are the key features of the wireless flash unit:

1. Wireless Radio System: The unit works with Sony’s wireless radio system, allowing for easy and reliable communication with other devices.
2. ADI/P-TTL Compatibility: The flash is compatible with Sony’s Auto Dynamic Range Index (ADI) and P-TTL systems, making it easy to integrate with Sony cameras and accessories.
3. Frequency and Range: The unit operates on a 2.4 GHz frequency and has a range of 328 feet (100 meters).
4. Channel and ID Options: There are 32 channels and 99 IDs available, providing a high level of flexibility and customization options.
5. High-Speed Sync: The flash supports high-speed sync (HSS) and 1st and 2nd curtain sync modes, allowing for creative control over the flash duration.
6. Internal Battery: The unit runs on an internal rechargeable battery, making it convenient to use on the go.
7. Touchscreen Interface: The flash has a touchscreen interface, making it easy to navigate and adjust settings.
8. Compact Design: The design is compact and portable, making it easy to carry around in a camera bag or pocket.
9. Accessories Included: The package includes a USB-C cable and a carry bag for added convenience.




Here are the key specs for the Godox X3:

Wireless Features

* Channels: 32
* Wireless Range: 328.1′ / 100 m
* Radio Frequency: 2.4 GHz
* Wireless Control Modes: ADI, P-TTL

Power and Sync

* Sync Speed: 1/8000 sec
* EV Range: ±3 (1/3 increments)

Connectivity and Power

* Input/Output: 1x USB-C (Power)
* No mobile app compatibility

Physical Characteristics

* Dimensions: 1.85 x 1.61 x 1.54″ / 4.7 x 4.09 x 3.91 cm
* Weight: 1.7 oz / 48 g


* Package Weight: 0.595 lb
* Box Dimensions (LxWxH): 5.9 x 4 x 2.6″

Overall, the Godox X3 appears to be a compact and lightweight wireless flash unit with a range of wireless control modes and sync speeds. It’s powered via USB-C and has a relatively small physical footprint, making it easy to carry around.