Godox SL60 II D Video Light

Here are the highlights:

1. High-power output: 60 Watts, making it suitable for demanding applications like professional photography and videography.
2. Daylight-balanced color temperature: 5600K, which is ideal for capturing accurate colors and skin tones.
3. Wireless dimming: Adjust the light output from 10% to 100% without cables or remotes.
4. Rear LCD display: Allows for easy monitoring and adjustment of settings on the light itself.
5. On-board adjustment dial: A physical dial for adjusting the light’s output and other settings.
6. Bowens S-mount: Compatible with a wide range of softboxes, umbrellas, and other accessories.
7. Advanced cooling system: Integrated heatsink, built-in fan, and temperature control to ensure reliable performance and longevity.
8. Worldwide use: Can operate on 100-240V AC power, making it suitable for use in any country or region.



The Godox SL-60W LED Light is a professional-grade lighting solution designed for video and photography applications. Here are the key features and inclusions:

Key Features:

1. Daylight-balanced, 5600K color temperature for natural light effects.
2. High brightness and color accuracy due to the COB (chip on board) LED.
3. Intuitive design with rear LCD monitor and dial for easy 10-100% dimming adjustment.
4. Can be grouped with multiple lights in various configurations.
5. Built-in heatsink and fan for temperature regulation.
6. Specialized temperature control function to protect the LED.
7. Compatible with Bowens S-mount light modifiers and accessories.


1. Godox SL60 IID LED Bowens Mount Video Light
2. Standard Reflector Dish
3. Lamp Cover
4. Power Cord

This light is designed to provide a reliable and high-quality lighting solution for various applications, including video production, photography, and filmmaking.