Godox Octagonal Umbrella Softbox

Here are the highlights:

1. Soft Wrap-Around Quality of Light: The product provides a soft, wrap-around quality of light.
2. Fabric Grid Adds Control: The fabric grid allows for precise control over the light.
3. Compatible with Godox Full Size Flash Heads: The product is compatible with all Godox full-size flash heads.
4. Bowens Adapter Included: A Bowens adapter is included for added convenience.
5. Compatible with Multiple Brands: The product is also compatible with several other round head lights, not just Godox lights.



The Godox Octa Softbox with Bowens Speed Ring and Grid is a 31.5″ softbox that produces a soft, wraparound light with a natural-looking catchlight effect. The large surface area provides a soft, pleasing quality of light, especially when used close up.

The included fabric grid mounts easily to the softbox using touch-fasteners and offers directional control of the output, allowing you to light specific areas of your subject and keep light from the background.

This softbox is compatible with all Godox flash heads with Bowens front accessory mounts, making it a versatile and convenient lighting solution for photographers.