Godox QT400III Studio Strobe Light

Camera Flash Studio
Item Dimensions LxWxH 15.75 x 5.51 x 6.69 inches
Connectivity Technology Wired
Wireless Communication  Wi-Fi Technology



  • 📸The stunning instant may escape your eyes, but never GODOX Quicker Studio Flash. With flash duration up to 1/29600s(t=0.1, QT400111M), QT II1 Series always surprises you with the flash of beauty it can freeze .It’s so good at capturing fast-moving subjects with full details and sharpness, including water splashing, powder floating and more, giving your boundless space to extend creativity.
  • 📸To capture the best moment of a moving subject, it is necessary to shoot multiple pictures during the process. With a fast recycling time of 0.01-0.9s, QT III Series can fire 20 images per second, which means loads of pictures to choose from and more chances to pick out your ideal ones.
  • 📸Upgraded from the original QTII Series, generation III embraces a more powerful and energy-saving 40W LED modeling light adjustable from 0-100%, which is environment-friendly and has a longer lifespan. As a useful tool to preview how light and shadow fall on your subject, it prepares you well for the upcoming creation with less cost.
  • 📸Featuring adjustable output from 1/256 to 1/1, QT III Series adds precise control to its trustworthy power. Whether to provide overwhelming intensity or just fine tune the picture, it is always a reliable solution ready for any lighting challenges.
  • 📸In the fast-paced production, efficiency means everything.Instead of walking back and forth to adjust on-board, utilizing the built-in 2.4G wireless system, you can fully control the strobe by connecting it with X1, X2 or XPRO trigger, and cooperate it with the other members from Godox flash family, making the whole process quicker and easier than ever. With a 50m operation range, distance won’t bother you anymore.