Godox P128 Parabolic Reflector

Here are the key features of this product:


1. **True Parabolic Reflector**: A design that ensures a smooth, even light distribution and minimizes hotspots.
2. **24-Brace Design**: A sturdy and durable construction that provides excellent support and stability.
3. **Dual Anti-falling Protection**: Two mechanisms that prevent the reflector from falling or tilting during use, ensuring safety and preventing damage.

This product is likely a parabolic reflector designed for use with softboxes, sidelights, or other lighting applications. The true parabolic reflector design provides a smooth, even light distribution, while the 24-brace design ensures stability and durability. The dual anti-falling protection feature adds an extra layer of safety, preventing accidents and damage during use.

The manufacturer’s part number (PARABOLIC128) and model number (DOX1670) suggest that this is a specific product made by Godox, a well-known brand in the photography and lighting industry.



This is a product description for the Godox Parabolic Light Focusing System, a professional lighting modifier designed for photographers and visual artists. Here are the key features and benefits:

**Key Features:**

1. **True Parabolic Reflector**: A precise and accurate parabolic reflector design that ensures smooth, even light distribution and minimizes hotspots.
2. **24-Brace Design**: A large number of reflected panels that make the modifier close to a circular source, increasing efficiency and providing a more even light output.
3. **Small Adapter Ring**: A compact adapter ring that connects the light head and allows for easy attachment to strobes or ring lights.
4. **User-Friendly Design**: A thoughtful mechanical design that provides a smooth usage experience, with features like one-twist-to-release and push-and-pull ease of use.
5. **Dual Anti-Falling Protection**: Two layers of protection that prevent the light head from falling and crashing.


1. **Unlimited Creative Possibilities**: The parabolic light focusing system allows for endless creative possibilities, enabling photographers to shape light in unique and innovative ways.
2. **High-Quality Light**: The system produces high-quality light with great contrast, focusable versatility, and adjustable intensity.
3. **Efficient Illumination**: The 24-brace design and small adapter ring ensure efficient illumination with minimal light loss.
4. **Professional-Grade Performance**: The system is designed for professional photographers and artists, providing a level of performance that meets their high standards.
5. **Versatility**: The system is compatible with various lighting mounts (Godox, Bowens, Profoto) and can be used with ring lights with optional accessories.

**Additional Accessories:**

1. Diffusers: Adjustable diffusers can reduce light contrast by 0.5 stops and provide a more subtle mood.
2. Grid: Controls light spill and enhances contrast and saturation at certain degrees.

Overall, the Godox Parabolic Light Focusing System is a powerful tool for photographers and visual artists who want to create high-quality, unique lighting effects with precision and control.