Diffusion Dome Kit ML-CD15 for Godox V1 AD100PRO AD200PRO V860II TT600 TT520II AD200 ML30 ML60 AD300PRO AD400PRO

Item Dimensions LxWxH5.91 x 5.91 x 3.94 inches
Voltage240 Volts


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  • A new light-shaping partner: Excellent lightweight accessory system, have good balance between portability and expandability, make the lighting achieve twice the effect with half the effort.
  • Pleasant softness: Using the unique design of the Diffusion Dome Kit, you can meet more precise soft light needs, to obtain a soft and proportional lighting experience. You will get pleasant sotfness for beauty look.
  • Variable light effect: Light can be shaped by different folding methods. Use diffusion dome in fully extension for 360-degree lighting, or collapses the back to diffuse at 180 degrees, and when collapsing the front, you can change the light quality for more dimensionality.
  • Load free: Soft material as a new choice makes them lightweight and flexible in shape, easily to be squeezed as small as possible for storage or transportation.
  • Included 3 adapters: Godox mount adapter & Round head adapter & Rectangle to round head adapter, Compatible for all Godox mount lights.