Godox AD-S60S Softbox for AD300Pro

Here’s a summary of the Godox AD-S60S Softbox:


The Godox AD-S60S Softbox is a softbox designed specifically for flashes with a Godox mount, such as the AD300Pro, AD400Pro, and LED lights like the ML60. It’s suitable for all-around use, but particularly well-suited for portraiture due to its octagonal shape, which wraps around the subject and creates a natural-looking catchlight in their eyes.

Key Features

* Octagonal shape for portraiture and natural-looking catchlights
* Grid included for directional control and eliminating spill light
* Quick-opening mechanism for easy setup and breakdown
* Comes with a standard Godox Mount bayonet holder for easy attachment to the flash
* Includes a case for storage and transport


* Provides soft, even light with minimal harsh shadows
* Ideal for portraiture and close-up photography
* Grid helps to control light direction and reduce spill
* Quick-opening mechanism saves time and effort when setting up or breaking down
* Convenient case for storage and transport


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Here are the key specs for the Godox AD-S60S softbox:


* Item type: Softbox (8-sided octagon shape)


* Built-in speed ring with Godox mount: compatible with Godox AD300Pro, Godox AD400Pro, and Godox ML60 lights


* Quick open type: umbrella style
* Accepts grids: yes (includes grids)


* Interior baffle: no
* Light loss/gain: no


* Fabric


* Package weight: 1.335 lbs
* Box dimensions (LxWxH): 29.9 x 9.45 x 4.3 inches