Godox 95cm Umbrella Octagon Softbox

Here are the specs for the Godox SB-GUE95 37.4″ Softbox:

Main Specifications:

* Type: 37.4″ Softbox (8-Sided Octagon Shape)
* Compatibility: Includes Speed Ring with Bowens S Mount
* Accepts Grids: Yes, includes grids
* Quick Open Type: Umbrella Style
* Removable Front Face: Yes
* Interior Baffle: Yes, removable
* Materials: Fabric


* ø: 37.4″ (95 cm)

**Packaging Information:**

* Package Weight: 3.8 lb
* Box Dimensions (LxWxH): 27 x 9 x 5″



Here’s an overview of the Godox SB-GUE95 Octa Softbox with Bowens Speed Ring and Grid:

Key Features:

1. Compatibility: Compatible with all Godox flash heads that have Bowens front accessory mounts.
2. Size: Measures 37.4″ (95 cm) in size, providing a large surface area for soft, wraparound lighting.
3. Soft, pleasing light quality: Produces a soft, natural-looking light with minimal harsh shadows and highlights.
4. Wraparound effect: The large surface area of the softbox creates a wraparound effect when used close up, producing natural-looking catchlights in the eyes of your subject.
5. Grid included: The fabric grid mounts to the softbox using touch-fasteners and provides directional control of the output, keeping light from the background and allowing you to focus on specific areas of the subject.
6. Bowens Speed Ring: Includes a Bowens Speed Ring for easy attachment to Godox flash heads.


1. Soft, flattering light quality for portraits and product photography.
2. Large surface area provides a wraparound effect for natural-looking catchlights.
3. Directional control with the included grid for precise lighting placement.
4. Compatible with a wide range of Godox flash heads.

Overall, the Godox SB-GUE95 Octa Softbox with Bowens Speed Ring and Grid is a versatile and effective lighting solution for photographers looking for a soft, natural-looking light source for portraits, product photography, and other applications.