Key Features:

1. 60x60cm square softbox: Provides a large, even illumination area for portraits, product photography, and other applications.
2. Bowens mount: Compatible with a wide range of Bowens-style flash units, allowing for easy mounting and use.
3. Internal and external diffusers: Two diffusers are included, providing additional control over the light beam and reducing harsh shadows.
4. Honeycomb grid: A removable grid can be attached to the front of the softbox to narrow the beam angle, creating a more focused light.
5. Storage bag: The softbox comes with a storage bag for convenient transport and storage.




1. Versatility: The softbox can be used as a key light, fill light, or kicker, making it suitable for a wide range of photography applications.
2. Soft, even light: The internal and external diffusers work together to create a soft, even illumination that is ideal for portraits and product photography.
3. Grid control: The honeycomb grid allows for precise control over the light beam, making it easy to create highlights and shadows.
4. Durability: The rip-stop nylon fabric is resistant to mechanical damage and lightweight, making it easy to transport and set up.
5. Professional-grade construction: The metal ring and sturdy construction ensure that the softbox is built to withstand heavy use.

Overall, the Godox SB-FW6060 Softbox with Grid and Bowens Mount is an excellent choice for photographers who require a high-quality softbox for their studio or location shoots.