Softbox with Grid 35x160cm Godox

  • Model: FW35160 flash softbox with Grid
  • Softbox size (cm): 13.78″x63″/35×160
  • Mount type: Bowens
  • Shape: Rectangular(Square)
  • Aluminum Ring Adaptor



A softbox is an enclosure around a bulb comprising reflective side and back walls and a diffusing material at the front of the light.
A soft box can be used with either flash or continuous light sources such as flourescent lamps or “hot lights” such as quartz halogen bulbs or tungsten bulbs. If soft box lights are used with ‘hot’ light sources, the user must be sure the softbox is heat rated for the wattage of the light it is attached to in order to avoid fire hazard.
The softbox offers soft accurate, even, bright , smooth lights you need for shooting a perfect image. Skin tone come to be much alive and blemishes fade away. Colors pop and your shots can go to new levels or professionalism with a good softbox.
Easy to disassemble, easy to fold, and easy to carry, ideal for studio or outdoor mobile photography.
The soft box is black outside and silver inside with even coating, high reflection.