Godox 35cm x 160cm 14″x63″ Strip Beehive Honeycomb Grid Softbox

1. Soft Wrap-Around Quality of Light: This feature suggests that the product provides a soft, wrap-around lighting effect, which is ideal for creating a natural-looking, soft light on your subject. This can be particularly useful for portrait, beauty, or product photography.
2. Included Fabric Grid Adds Control: The inclusion of a fabric grid is a great feature, as it allows for further control over the light’s direction and spread. The fabric grid can help to:
* Soften the light even further
* Reduce light falloff and create a more even illumination
* Focus the light on specific areas of the subject
3. Fits All Godox Full Size Flash Heads: This feature ensures compatibility with Godox full-size flash heads, making it a versatile accessory for photographers who use Godox equipment.
4. S-Type and Bowens Mount: The product is designed to accommodate both S-Type and Bowens mount flash heads, which means photographers can use it with a range of Godox flash heads, regardless of their mount type.

Overall, this product seems like a great accessory for photographers who want to create soft, wrap-around lighting effects with their Godox flash heads.



The Godox 35X160cm Strip Softbox with Bowens Speed Ring and Grid is a versatile modifier that can be used with full-size Godox flash heads or other brands that have a Bowens front accessory mount. This softbox is ideal for various types of photography, as it produces a soft, flattering light with open shadows and manageable contrast.

One of the key features of this softbox is its included fabric grid, which can be attached to the front of the softbox via touch-fasteners. The grid provides directional control over the output light, allowing you to keep it off the background and focus it on specific areas of your subject. This makes it an excellent tool for creating a more focused and controlled lighting effect.

With its large size (35x160cm), this softbox is suitable for a variety of photography applications, including portrait, still-life, product, and more. Its Bowens mount compatibility means it can be used with a range of flash heads from Godox and other brands, making it a versatile addition to any photographer’s kit.