GODOX 110cm (7 in 1) Collapsible Photography Light Reflector.



Silver Cover: Create catchlight and increase the exposure of the subject. Light reflected is relatively neutral and strong.But does not change the color of the available light.
White Cover: Fill light, brighten up the shadows to make it softer and natural. The reflection of the white surface is softer than the silver surface.
Black Cover: Subtract light, slightly weaken the picture color saturation and make the color tone more natural.
Gold Cover: Warm fill light ,give the picture a warm feel.
Translucent Panel: Used as a diffuser. It is usually held directly above the subject to soften the sun’s natural light.
Green screen can reduce light reflection and improve picture quality, Cold tone makes for a bright effect and provides a sharp contrast light. Perfect to help create the proper setting for your picture.
Blue backdrop is suitable for portrait and product Chromakey, animation, news interviews, television and other video Chromakey. It can also be used as background for portraits, products, passport photos photography, etc; The gray backdrop makes cold tone and a more bright effect, provides a sharp contrast light
Package include: 1x reflector
1x Carring case