The specifications of the K&F Concept UV filter are:

* **Material**: Optical glass and aluminum magnesium alloy
* **Thread size**: 49mm
* **Coating**: Nano coating
* **Filter effect type**: Neutral Density (ND)
* **Water resistance level**: Waterproof
* **Product dimensions**: 1.93″L x 1.93″W


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The features of this 49mm ND1000 filter are:

* **Function**: 10-stop fixed neutral density filter for exposure correction
* **Effect**: Reduces light by 10 stops, allowing for slow shutter speeds to create a silky smooth effect in flowing water and other moving subjects
* **Material**:
+ Optical glass made in Japan (AGC)
+ Aviation aluminum alloy frame
* **Coatings**:
+ Hydrophobic, scratch-resistant, and anti-reflective green coating to prevent oil, fingerprints, and scratches
+ 28 multi-layer coatings to suppress ghosting, flare, and reflections, and improve light transmission
* **Design**:
+ Super slim and lightweight to avoid vignetting on wide-angle lenses
+ Extra tough frame for durability and jamming prevention
* **Compatibility**: Only suitable for 49mm lenses; please verify your lens size before ordering