Andbon Dry Cabinet 35S

It appears that the product is a cardboard box or a container with some electronic components. Here are the key features summarized:

1. Size: The cardboard size is 38cm x 38cm x 50cm, while the product dimensions are slightly smaller at 31.5cm x 32cm x 43.5cm.
2. Number of partitions: The product has only one partition.
3. Number of compartments: The product has two compartments.
4. Weight: The product weight is 7.1kg, while the gross weight (including packaging?) is 8.34kg.
5. Power consumption: The product consumes less than 8Watt of power.
6. Voltage: The product can operate on AC 100-240V or DC 5V with a current of 2A.
7. Volume capacity: The product has a volume capacity of 35 liters.

It’s not entirely clear what the product is or what it’s used for, but these features suggest it may be an electronic device or a storage container of some sort.


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Here is a summary of the product description:

Product: Andbon Dry Cabinet DS-35S (Dry Box-35L)

Key Features:

35L capacity with adjustable partition to create 2 separate compartments
Dimensions: 31.5cm wide, 32cm deep, and 43.5cm high
LED lights on the inside and blue LEDs on the display
Electricity consumption: less than 8W, powered by a DC 5V 2A adapter
Humidity control: adjustable humidity reference (60%-50%RH, 50%-40%RH, and Below 30%RH)
Suitable for storing various items such as books, antiques, camera equipment, and more


Item Name: 35L ANDBON dry box camera storage cabinet
Item No.: DS-35S dry box
Function: Reduce and maintain humidity
Display: LED display
Capacity: 35L dry box
Size: 315mm x 320mm x 435mm
Packing Size: 380mm x 375mm x 495mm
Power: Less than 8W, AC100-240V or DC 5V 2A