Canon BG-E22 Battery Grip

It looks like you’re describing the Canon BG-E22 Battery Grip for EOS R Mirrorless Digital Camera. Here’s a breakdown of the key features you mentioned:

1. Comfort and Control in Vertical Position: The battery grip allows for comfortable and intuitive control of the camera even when held vertically, making it ideal for portrait-oriented shooting or for those who prefer the feel of a larger grip.
2. Additional Shutter and Control Buttons: The grip provides additional shutter release and control buttons, allowing for more convenient access to camera functions while holding the camera vertically.
3. Holds Up to Two LP-E6/LP-E6N Batteries: The battery grip can accommodate two LP-E6 or LP-E6N batteries, which can extend the shooting time of your camera.
4. Extends Shooting Time: By carrying an additional set of batteries, you can shoot for longer periods without needing to swap out batteries, making it perfect for extended photo shoots or events.
5. Dust- and Water-Resistant Construction**: The battery grip is designed with a dust- and water-resistant construction, which helps protect your camera from environmental elements while shooting in harsh conditions.

Overall, the Canon BG-E22 Battery Grip is a great accessory for EOS R camera users who want more comfort, control, and extended shooting time during their photography adventures!

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The Canon BG-E22 Battery Grip is a versatile accessory designed for Canon EOS R mirrorless digital cameras. Its primary function is to extend the shooting time of the camera by holding up to two LP-E6/LP-E6N lithium-ion batteries, effectively doubling the camera’s battery life.

One of the notable features of this grip is its vertically-positioned controls, which include a shutter release button, allowing for comfortable and intuitive operation when shooting in vertical orientation. This feature is particularly useful for photographers who frequently shoot in portrait mode or need to capture high-angle shots.

The grip itself is built with a durable construction that matches the quality of the EOS R camera, and it also features dust- and water-resistance, making it suitable for use in harsh environments. Overall, the Canon BG-E22 Battery Grip is an excellent accessory for photographers who want to enhance their shooting experience and improve their productivity.