BOYA BY-WM8 Pro-K1 UHF Single Channel Wireless Lavalier System

  • Model: Boya BY-WM8 Pro-K1 UHF
  • UHF transmission with 48UHF channels
  • Digital Companding Circuitry
  • Ideal for ENG/EFP, DSLR Video
  • Dual-Channel Wireless Receiver




The BY-WM8 Pro-K1 UHF Single-Channel Wireless Lavalier System from BOYA includes a UHF single-channel wireless receiver, two wireless bodypack transmitters, two omnidirectional lavalier microphones, two microphone clips and foam windscreens, a shoemount adapter, single 1/8″ to XLR output cable, single 1/8″ to 1/8″ output cable, and carrying case. This wireless system can be used to capture audio with a subjects for interview, electronic news gathering (ENG), electronic field production (EFP), film, business, and educational applications.

Featuring an easy-to-read LCD display, wide switching RF bandwidth, PLL-synthesized tuning and digital companding circuitry, the BY-WM8 Pro-K1 system is equipped with 48 selectable UHF channels and offers broadcast-quality sound. Other features include: selectable stereo and mono modes, mute function, LCD-locked function, receiver headphone output for monitoring, and 300′ operation range.

Furthermore, the system is powered by AA batteries (sold separately), which offer up to 6 hours of continuous operation. The BY-WM8 Pro-K1 UHF Dual-Channel Wireless Lavalier System is built with easy and flexible wireless synchronization between transmitter and receiver via infrared, so you will always find a clear channel to transmit on. The user-friendly LCD menu screen is quick and easy to navigate, which makes it suitable for quick, clear, and easy operation.

Digital companding
Up to 48 selectable channels
Dual-channel receiver
Up to 32 MHz of transmission bandwidth
Easy and flexible wireless synchronization between transmitter and receiver via infrared
User-friendly menu operation
Muting function
Locked plugs avoid accidental disconnection
Transmission range up to 300′