Backpack K&F Concept KF 13.128V3




  • 【Magic Bin Design】 This photography backpack can be realized 5:5 and 2:8 space by pushing up or down for different needs. Suit for outdoor photography, urban street photography, outdoor portraits, VIOG photography, etc.
  • * 【Stable】Concealed internal support fiber reinforcement bars for added stability and to prevent crushing of equipment.
  • * 【Capacity Expansion】Front width expansion, built-in independent stabilizer compartment, support expansion to increase the capacity of 2-3L.
  • * 【Top & Side Access】Top and side opening dual-compartment design, supporting dual-compartment quick-open and quick-take.
  • * 【Safe】Suspended 16-inch independent computer compartment, take and put the package body to avoid direct computer bumping. (Maximum 360*260*20mm)