ANDBON Dry Cabinet 105S

This text appears to be a product description or marketing copy for a desiccant product, specifically a silica gel packet or similar device designed to control humidity and protect equipment from moisture. Here are the key points highlighted:

Protects photographic and optical equipment, as well as other valuable accessories, from excessive moisture
Uses the latest TE Cooling wafer design
Moisture is condensed and frosted immediately on the collecting board
The frost on the collecting board defrosts to water, which is absorbed and naturally released

In essence, this product aims to maintain a dry environment to prevent damage to sensitive equipment by controlling humidity levels.


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This product is a large capacity dry cabinet designed to regulate humidity levels and protect items from dust, fungus, and mold. Here are the key features:

Capacity: 105 liters

Humidity Control: The cabinet can regulate humidity levels from 25-60%

Fast-acting TE Cooling Wafer: A special feature that quickly cools the air to maintain the desired humidity level

Lockable, Rubber-Sealed Glass Door: The door is lockable and features a rubber seal to prevent moisture from entering the cabinet

Multiple Keys: Two keys are included for added security

Built-in Auto Electronic Moisture Absorber: The cabinet features an built-in moisture absorber to maintain a stable humidity level

Front Metal Handle: A sturdy metal handle makes it easy to open and close the cabinet

Large, Dimmable LCD Display: A large display allows you to monitor the inside humidity level and adjust the settings as needed

Interior LED Lights: The cabinet features interior LED lights to illuminate the contents

Padded Base and Adjustable Steel Shelf: The cabinet comes with a padded base and three adjustable steel shelves for added convenience

Multi-Voltage Power Supply: The cabinet can be powered using AC 100-240V or DC 5V 2A

Durable Tempered Glass Door with Secure Key Lock: The door is made of durable tempered glass and features a secure key lock for added security

Digital Hygrometer: The cabinet comes with a built-in digital hygrometer to monitor the inside humidity level

Near Silent Operation: The cabinet operates quietly, minimizing disturbance

This product is ideal for storing cameras, lenses, and other sensitive electronic equipment that require a controlled humidity environment.