Andbon Dry Cabinet AD-50S

Here are the highlights of the product:

Digital LCD display for easy monitoring of humidity levels
Andbon Dry Box Series designed to prevent moisture damage from aging, molding, spoiling, rusting, corrosion, and denaturing
Auto Memory Last RH Setting allows for easy recall of previously set humidity levels
Slide/Pullable Trays for convenient access and organization
Anti-Rust Cabinet with special coated paint for added protection
Silent Operation to minimize disturbance
Low Power Consumption** to reduce energy waste
Worldwide Voltage: 100-240V for global compatibility
Lockable Door (comes with two keys) for added security and protection
Magnetic Sealed Door for precise control of humidity levels


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Here is a detailed description of the Andbon 50S Electronic Dry Cabinet:

Key Features:

*Regulates humidity levels (35-60%) to prevent fungus and corrosion
Fast-acting TE Cooling Wafer for quick humidity adjustments (1-3 hours)
Lockable, rubber-sealed glass door with two keys
Front metal handle for easy access
Large, dimmable LCD display shows ambient temperature, relative humidity, and settings
Interior LED lights for easy viewing and finding gear
Padded base and adjustable steel shelf to prevent scratches
Silent operation (no fan or compressor noise)
Dripless design eliminates need for a water tray
Four rubber feet and two leveling feet for stability on uneven surfaces

What’s Included:

Andbon Ad-50s Dry Cabinet Digital Display With Automatic Humidity Controller