30S Dry Cabinet ANDBON

Here is a summary of the product details for the ANDBON 30L Dry Cabinet (AB-30S):

Key Features:

Capacity: 30 liters
Type: Automatic Humidity Controlling
Compartment: 2 compartments
Display: LCD dual LED monitor with temperature and humidity indicators
Humidity Control: Automatic humidity control system
Power Supply: 110-220V

Summary: The ANDBON 30L Dry Cabinet (AB-30S) is a compact and efficient storage solution designed to maintain optimal humidity levels for sensitive materials. With its automatic humidity control system, this cabinet can maintain a consistent and stable environment, ensuring the integrity of the stored items. The LCD dual LED monitor provides real-time temperature and humidity readings, making it easy to monitor the cabinet’s performance. This product is ideal for use in laboratories, pharmacies, and other settings where precise temperature and humidity control are required.


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Automatic Humidity Controlling Andbon Dry Box Series (25%~60% RH)

Key Features:

Prevents moisture damage caused by aging, molding, spoiling, rusting, corrosion, denaturing, etc.
Auto Memory Last RH Setting
Slide/Pullable Trays for easy access
Anti-Rust Cabinet with special coated paint for durability
Silent Operation
Low Power Consumption
Worldwide Voltage: 100-240V
Lockable Door (comes with two keys)
Magnetic Sealed Door for precise humidity control


Model: AD-30S
Humidity Controlling: Auto
External Size: W290 x D320 x H420 mm (11.5″x12.6″x16.5″)
Internal Size: W288 x D290 x H355 mm (11.3″x11.5″x14.0″)
Pack Size: W350 x D380 x H470 mm (13.8″x14.9″x18.5″)

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