K&F Concept 79mm Handheld Kaleidoscope Filter

79mm Handheld Kaleidoscope Filter, Semicircular Special Effects Filter with 3pcs Vacuum Cleaning Cloths Nano-B Series.

Model No: KF01.2491




  • 【Kaleidoscope Effect】Using special optical design, this Handheld Kaleidoscope Filter from K&F Concept can create unique visual effects, produce light spots surrounding the subject or focus, and present a unique annular light spot.
  • * 【K9 Special Glass】The Handheld Kaleidoscope Filter is made of K9 optical glass with high light transmission and excellent color renderingm, which ensures a clear and authentic image.
  • * 【Flexible Use】The filter of size 79mm can be moved in front of the lens by hand, and different effects can be created by adjusting the position and angle of the filter.
  • * 【Applicable Scene】The Handheld Kaleidoscope Filter is suitable for real-time adjustments and creating special effects while shooting. It is suitable for scenes that require handheld shooting or tracking the subject.
  • * 【Artistic Creation】This Handheld Kaleidoscope Filter is perfect for creating optical illusions and is ideal for custom photo creations. Ideal for films, music videos, branded content, night scenes, weddings, commercials.