K&F Concept 72mm ND1000 Filter

This is a product description for an ND1000 filter made by K&F:

**Key Features:**

1. **Premium Quality**: The filter is made of high-quality optical glass, ensuring no color cast and providing 10 f-stop reductions for longer exposures.
2. **18-Layer Multi-Resistant Coating**: The filter features an 18-layer coating that reduces filter surface reflection and ghosting, making it anti-scratch, water-repellent, oil-resistant, and dust-resistant.
3. **Ultra Slim and Lightweight**: The aluminum frame is super slim and lightweight, minimizing impact on light and reducing dark corners for wide-angle shooting.
4. **Functions**: The ND1000 filter enables slow shutter speeds to capture movement in subjects like waterfalls, creating a silky smooth effect on flowing water.


1. **72mm Lens Size**: The filter is compatible with lenses that have a 72mm thread size. Please verify your camera’s lens thread size before ordering by checking the lens barrel or under the lens cap.


1. **Creative Control**: The ND1000 filter provides creative control over exposure times, allowing for unique effects like slow-motion water or silky smooth textures.
2. **High-Quality Image**: The filter ensures high-quality images with accurate color representation and no color cast.
3. **Durability**: The 18-layer coating makes the filter resistant to scratches, water, oil, and dust.
4. **Convenience**: The ultra-slim and lightweight design makes it easy to carry and use the filter on the go.

Overall, this ND1000 filter is a high-quality accessory for photographers who want to capture creative, artistic images with precise control over exposure times and image quality.


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