52mm Ultra Slim Variable Filter ND2-ND400

Here are the key features and benefits of the K&F Concept 52MM Adjustable Neutral Density Professional Photography Filter:


* Includes an ND filter and a professional microfiber lens cleaning cloth
* Made with high-grade glass and microfiber materials
* Variable ND filter with adjustable light reduction (ND2~400)
* Premium Japanese optical glass with nano-coating for neutral color balance, reduced lens flare, and better protection against scratches and grime
* Super slim original design to avoid vignetting when taking photos
* Compatible with all 52mm lenses (please verify lens thread size before ordering)


* Provides a high-quality, professional-grade neutral density filter for adjusting light levels in photography
* Adjustable light reduction allows for greater creative control over exposure and depth of field
* High-grade glass and microfiber materials ensure durability and easy cleaning
* Nano-coating reduces lens flare and ghosting for improved image quality
* Super slim design avoids vignetting and minimizes impact on image quality
* Includes a professional microfiber cleaning cloth for safe and effective cleaning of lenses and other optics

Overall, this filter kit is designed for professional photographers who require high-quality, adjustable neutral density filtering capabilities.


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