Sennheiser ME2 Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone

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  • Designed for hands-free vocals, energetic performances, and other live applications, the Sennheiser ME 2 condenser wireless/cabled microphone is an omnidirectional mic designed to meet a variety of professional needs and special situations. Supporting the Sennheiser Evolution G2 wireless systems, this microphone reproduces a warm, clear, and robust sound. Bundled with a clip, this lavalier microphone can attach easily to your clothes during presentations to provide hands-free mobility without sacrificing quality. You can readily connect this microphone to speakers, headphones, and other audio devices thanks to the mini TRS input jack. In addition, due to their high speech intelligibility and a wide frequency response range, these Sennheiser ME2 wireless/cabled professional microphone accessories deliver accurate vocals regardless of the conditions of your performance.This small condenser mic packs a lot of power into a little frame. The device itself is just several inches long and almost weightless, so it is easy to clip onto clothing without being detected. With a frequency response range of 30 hertz to 20 kilohertz, it is perfect for picking up all kinds of sounds in different ranges. Specifically geared for vocal frequencies, it will make your voice come through loud and clear. When used during a play or musical, you can sing, yell, tumble, and run across the stage without sacrificing any of your talents. During a speech, you can rest assured that this device will remain stationary and pick up every word you say. If you are lucky enough to use one during a TV interview, you can relax in knowing that your voice will be well received on the other end.This Sennheiser lavalier has a cable that measures roughly 5.25 feet long. The end of the cable has a 3.5 millimeter input jack that usually connects to a radio frequency transmitter. The manufacturer recommends that you use these lapel mics with the Evolution SK bodypack transmitters for optimal performance and quality. These accessories can hook on your belt easily and are used to transfer the signal to a soundboard for mixing. The device also includes a small metal windscreen that blocks the wind and helps reduce unwanted noise when you make certain vowel or syllable sounds that might be abrasive.These Sennheiser wireless microphones are permanently polarized condensers. Also, because they are omnidirectional microphones, they can be clipped anywhere on your face, even your forehead. You will want to EQ the signal depending on the placement, however. The mic has a 20 millivolts per pascal sensitivity in free field and a noise level of 36 decibels. It also has a maximum sound pressure level of 130 decibels and a standalone operating voltage of 7.5 volts.The Sennheiser ME2 professional microphone is an excellent audio accessory that works great for video broadcasting and theatrical performances. It can also be used for business purposes and will come in handy during presentations or lectures. The device can be placed in a wide range of locations and still pick up sound with accurate precision. Furthermore, it is able to tune out frequencies farther away from the mic, so you can sing or speak without worrying about sound interference from people nearby.