Godox SL150W II LED Video Light

1. Color Temperature: 5600K, ±200K: This refers to the color tone or hue of the light emitted by the lamp. A color temperature of 5600K indicates a neutral white light, similar to daylight. The ±200K indicates a tolerance range, meaning the actual color temperature may be between 5400K and 5800K.
2. Dimming: 0-100%: This feature allows the lamp’s brightness to be adjusted from fully off (0%) to maximum brightness (100%). This is useful for controlling the amount of light emitted depending on the situation.
3. Power Output: 150W: This is the maximum power consumption of the lamp, which determines its energy efficiency and heat dissipation.
4. Reflector & Yoke with Tightening Knob: The reflector is a component that helps focus the light emitted by the lamp, directing it in a specific direction. The yoke is a mechanical system that allows the reflector to be adjusted and secured in place. The tightening knob is used to lock the yoke in position, ensuring the reflector remains stable and secure.

Overall, these features suggest that this lamp is a high-quality, adjustable lighting solution suitable for various applications, such as task lighting, display lighting, or studio lighting.


Here are the key specifications for the Godox SL150 II Daylight LED Monolight:


* Item type: LED monolight
* Included modifier: Reflector
* Storage case: No
* Weight: 6.61 lb (3 kg)
* Dimensions: 13.4 x 7.9 x 6.3″ (34 x 20 x 16 cm)


* Color temperature: 5600K +/- 200K
* Color accuracy standard: CRI 96, TLCI 97
* Photometrics not specified by manufacturer

Power and I/O

* Power source: AC power (cable included)
* AC input power: 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
* Power consumption: 150 W
* I/O:
+ 1x IEC power input
+ No power pass-thru
+ No inline switch


* Yoke type: Manually-operated yoke
* Fixture mounting: 1x 5/8″ receiver


* Operating temperature: 14 to 104°F (-10 to 40°C)


* Dimming: Built-in dimmer (continuous), 0 to 100%
* Cooling system: Passive
* Umbrella mount: Yes
* Front accessory mount: Bowens S