Softbox Godox 35*160cm

৳ 5,000

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Product description

Simple and functional, Godox Softbox 35 x 160 cm with Grid is a perfect piece of equipment to add to your photography studio. It offers a uniquely narrow lighting control with a 30-degree reduction in light spilling. This rectangular model includes a removable honeycomb grid for even lighting and an internal diffuser. Create a scene with a soft, warm glow or a bright shot with no shadowing. Affordable and practical, this model is a popular choice with photographers of all specializations, from portraits and products to staged scenes and boudoir. This attachment can be used with several different types of lamps, making it a valuable addition.
Softbox is designed to diffuse a strobe flash, giving you better even lighting. It comes with a silver reflective interior and a flush front face. It is essential tool in any professional portrait studio.
An internal and an external diffuser (both removable) for versatility in refining the hard/soft ratio of flash light
Softbox is easily assembled using the softbox “skin”, four flex rods and a speed ring for the flash head
The softbox fits for the 300w 400W 600w 800W 1000w studio flash.
Size (cm): 35 x 160 cm
Mount type: Bowens
Shape: Rectangular
Aluminum Ring Adaptor
NOTE: The strobe head and light stand is not included
Package includes
1 x 35cm x 160cm Softbox
1 x Inner diffuser
1 x Outer diffuser
1 x Grid
1 x Bowens Mount Speedring
1 x Carrying bag