Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Does The Camera Store do the repair?
A: No, we send all repairs to authorized repair depots and deal directly with them on your behalf.


Q:  How long does it take to repair my equipment?
A:  Typical repairs take 6-8 weeks.


Q:  Is there a charge for equipment repaired under manufacturer’s warranty?
A:  There is no charge if you purchased the product from The Camera Store. We charge a $30 shipping and handling fee if it was purchased from eslewhere.


Q: How much will it cost?
A:  Repair costs vary widely dependent on what is being fixed and the extent of the problem.


Q:  Can I get an estimate?
A:   We always get your approval before authorizing any billable repairs. We charge $30 for shipping and handling to send in your non warranty repairs. There is no additional charge if you choose to refuse the estimate.


Q: What is covered by the Manufacturer’s Warranty?
A: The Manufacturer’s Warranty covers original defects & faults. Damage from dropping, wear & tear, water damage, etc are not covered under warranty and are a billable repair. Any decision as to whether a product will be repaired or replaced under warranty is at the sole discretion of the manufacturer or distributor.


Q: What do I need to bring to have my equipment repaired?
A:  Warranty repairs require proof of purchase. Please only bring the equipment that requires repair.  Camera Straps, memory cards, extra lenses, etc. should be left at home.

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